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​Our President

Chris D. Britt has been a real estate professional for more than 20 years! Starting at an early age, Chris became interested in real estate as he witnessed and learned from his family who bought, sold and managed real estate for as long as he can remember.  In 1991, Chris left his native roots of Georgia for Los Angeles where he would have the opportunity to work and thrive in one of the most complex and rewarding real estate markets in the world.  After reaching all his professional goals in California, he returned home to Georgia in 1995 and founded The Realty Group.  Since then, Chris with an amazing support team which includes an experienced staff of professionals and his family, has guided The Realty Group to become one of the largest and most trusted Real Estate firms in the Southeast.  Chris continues his mission to fulfill his vision and currently leads the Realty Group by serving our clients as a Commercial, Industrial and Residential Licensed Sales Agent, Appraiser, Property Tax Consultant, Personal and Investor Consultant.  Chris currently lives in Gainesville, GA with his wife and four boys.

Our Team 

The Realty Group team began as a group of passionate and committed individuals desiring to improve and add value to the real estate industry. The foundation of our team is to serve our clients with integrity while always placing emphasis on quality and customer service.  The Realty Group team along with visionary leadership grew our firm to become the largest and most respected appraisal firm in Georgia.  Duplicating this tenacity with an ongoing desire to add value to other markets, our team led the charge into other Southeastern states.  Utilizing technology with personal ingenuity, our team of multi ethnic, race, gender, and people of all ages became a family.  Our family, now some 20 plus years later, continues to grow and lead company's and our industry.  Teamwork continues to be the building blocks for our success and will strengthen The Realty Group as we lead by serving the real estate industry through the 21st century.  


" We Value Your Future "

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