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The Realty Group is a full service Real Estate Firm.  Our services include Commercial, Industrial and Residential Sales, Consulting and Appraisal Services.    

Consulting - Commercial, Residential or Industrial 

Consulting is a passion for us!  We enjoy the opportunity to review and represent our clients as their real estate advisor's and professionals.  With more than 20 years experience, our competent and enthusiastic staff assist our clients with:


  • Property Tax Consulting
  • Lease Negotiations (Pre and Post Lease)
  • Personal and Investor Real Estate Portfolios

​​Sales - Commercial, Residential or Industrial​​​​​​​

The Realty Group in association with Chris D. Britt under the brokerage of the Norton Agency serves as both buyer and seller agents for various types of properties, including: Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Vacant Land.

Appraising - Commercial, Residential or Industrial

Since 1995, The Realty Group continues to serve the Southeast by providing quality appraisals to our clients.  We are currently approved with most direct lenders nationwide. Please contact our office for fee schedules and/or quotes on appraisals.  To order an appraisal, please contact our office or press "Order" and place your request.

" We Value Your Future "

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